Data Analytics with Python – Introduction

Your very first step towards the journey of Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning! You’ll get to learn about the basics right from Python , anaconda and other required installations up to what and why of Data Analytics! The course is filled with interesting hands-on sessions and videos; typically a one-day affair, just to raise your curiosity levels.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

This course is designed for the enthusiasts and curious ones who want to learn about the types of machine learning models, how to create different models based on the type of data and problem statement, how to train the models, test them and finally how to deploy them.

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Machine Learning – Deep dive

This course is for those who have already tasted the waters and would love to dive deep into data analytics problems and solve them using machine learning models. The course consists of real world data sets and problem statements that the participants would solve using Python Machine Learning libraries.

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Guest Training Sessions

I am available as a guest trainer/lecturer to academic institutes in Pune and nearby places to teach one or more regular courses as part of the curriculum.

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